Again Release Date Announcement!

20 Jun 2019

Welcome back!

So excited to share a fantastic news with you everyone!

After some weeks of build fails on Steam the green button that can be used to release the game to public is already available! I like green buttons. Yeah, I do (took so long ;-;).

Oh, I hope I'm not forgetting what we have gathered around today for.

24 June 2019

Above is the release date of Again on Steam!

Apologies for making you all wait for such a long time and please enjoy the game when it's out.

Making a Discord channel is in progress (by which I mean that I haven't even started that yet, haha) and will soon be available on the website along the social links.

I hope everything goes well on the release date and I'll see you all soon.

Of course I got a cake for you... Here: 🍰