Redpix Games 2023 Refresh

19 Sep 2023

Welcome back, everyone!

Super excited to have finished the development of this brand new redesign and a refresh for the Redpix Games website. Which is the digital home for the studio.

We have got the:
- We have got the New Home Page for landing SpaceX rockets. 🏡
- We have got the New Games Page that has 2 games at the moment. 🕹ī¸
- We have got the New News Page for better scrolling of our updates. 📰
- New sharing options at the bottom of each post for sharing the dedicated URL to the updates with your followers. 🔗
- And some fresh new responsive UI for the love of your eyes and your phones! 📱

More super duper cool updates are on the way, so please stay tuned!

The 🍰 has indeed finished baking and feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues and pets!!