Again OST release

14 Dec 2018

Hey ( ´ ・ - ・`) Welcome back!

Yeah, I know, it's been a while, but things are slightly better.

I have a good news! 🦄 Yeah, I'm going to talk straight about that hehe.. I have something nice for your precious ears 🎶 Finally, I get to announce a release of the soundtrack for Again on Bandcamp. There are still some issues with the game and the release is delayed just a bit, but it's going to be here soon! I worked on these tracks alongside the game and kept them for so long already. I hope you like it 🌌💢 (Wait, can milky way be angry? That's kinda scary why did I even type that)

The individual game pages are in the works already, meanwhile please enjoy yourself below.

Feel free to check out this awesome Bandcamp link

What? You thought I would forget? Here's 🍰 for you, I'm sure you missed it too. See ya! closes the door and sleeps whole day