Again Launch Announcement

13 Apr 2019


Finally, the time has come. Here's a launch announcement for Again on Steam. πŸš‚

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, well, let me tell you...

me neither. πŸ‘»

Don't worry, just kidding, I think I got this! So, basically, the game called Again that was in the oven for a long time, is going to be ready on 19th April 2019. Which is precisely 7 days away from today. feeling anxious about that

Took some time to figure out how to Steam. Took some time to record the trailer and edit that with the audio tracks and sound effects. Oh, and transitions, so many transitions too... 🎬

Now there's an official Redpix Games YouTube channel which has a premiere of the launch trailer waiting for us already. πŸŽ₯ make sure to subscribe, like and chat haha

Again OST is already out on Bandcamp.

Make sure to get official updates on our Twitter account

...And no. I have not forgot! I know that you want it! Here it is!

pings cake 🍰